Media Appearances: Podcasts, Presentations, Twitter Threads

On this page you’ll find a list of recent media appearances such as podcasts, conference presentations, Twitter threads, etc.

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Select Podcast Appearances

Upcoming:  Fresh Cap Mushroom show, Voices from the Rabbit Hole

We Study Billionaires w/ Preston Pysh 7/5/23 [Youtube / Apple]
Topics: Exploring Bitcoin through the lens of biology, network intelligence, why fungi are so fascinating, slime mold vs Japanese engineers, how forests communicate and trade underground, antifragility, and social scalability.

What Bitcoin Did Podcast on 11/30/21 [Youtube / Apple]
Topics: Revisited the Fourth Turning “generational cycles” theory, how bitcoin is a teacher, central planners vs emergent organization, potential for global conflict, post truth world.

What Bitcoin Did Podcast on 11/27/20 [link / Apple]
Topics: Explore the current zeitgeist through the lens of history, demographics, and Bitcoin. We touch on the Fourth Turning, Individualism vs Collectivism, supply and demand for order, etc.

Real Vision Podcast: Ground Flour Consensus on 3/9/21 [Link / Apple]
Topics: Bitcoiners vs Blockchainers, Theory vs Practice (teaching birds to fly), separating money from state, why you shouldn’t underestimate Bitcoiners, Bitcoin is hope.

Future Fossils Podcast with Toby Kiers on 3/11/21 [Link / Apple]
Topics: Joined by Evolutionary Biologist, Toby Kiers, to explore the intersection of Mycology, Economics, and Bitcoin.

Orange Pill Podcast w/ Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert on 11/29/20 [YouTube / Apple]
Topics: The Fourth Turning, the Logic of Violence, failing financial system, Bitcoin has an institution to rally around.

Swan Signal Live: Robert Breedlove + Brandon Quittem on 11/12/20 [Apple / Youtube]
Topics: Fourth Turning, Socialism vs Capitalism, Order vs Entropy, Free markets vs Force, our obligation to innovate, how Bitcoin minimize the incentive for violence.

The Psychedelic Salon #654 w/ Lorenzo on 7/16/20 [Apple
Topics: This is an introduction to Bitcoin through the lens of psychedelia. What is money, history of money, what is bitcoin, how bitcoin and mycelium are related. Then we covered cognitive liberty vs monetary liberty, dissolving boundaries, why the psychedelic community should embrace bitcoin, and much more. Was recorded over zoom with the Salon community periodically answering questions.

Mark Moss “Market Disrupters Show” on 5/2/21 [youtube]
Topics: We briefly covered bitcoin as a living organism and then shifted to big picture exploration of long-term credit cycles, fourth turning, and transition society is facing today.

Tales From The Crypt #163 with Marty Bent on 5/26/20 [Anchor / Apple]
Topics: Psychedelic therapy, Bitcoin + Fungi, Why the next decade defines the next 100 years, Cognitive Liberty vs Monetary Liberty, The Fourth Turning, Generational Archetypes, Gall’s Law, why I started businesses as a kid, Millennials vs Boomers, what is universities were great?

BTC Magazine Halving Presentation “Bitcoin is the Mycelium of Money” [youtube]
Topics: Exploring network organisms (fungi) with network technology (bitcoin). Most dense version of these ideas. Updated May 2020.  New to these ideas? Prefer audio/visual content as opposed to reading? This is perfect for you.

Bitcoin is a Decentralized Organism @ Bitcoin 2019 Conference on 6/26/2019 [recording]
Topics: exploring bitcoin through the lens of mycelium, distributed intelligence, antifragility, order vs chaos, mycorrhizal networks.

Third Wave Podcast w/ Paul Austin #125  [Apple / youtube]
Topics: Shift towards decentralized systems, social scalability, Bitcoin + Psychedelics as a tool for sovereignty and freedom, why is Bitcoin useful, and is it possible to kill bitcoin?


Additional Podcast Appearances

  • Bitcoin People show –  5/10/23 [Youtube]
  • Blue Collar Bitcoin – 3/12/23 [Apple / Youtube]
  • What is Money Show with Robert Breedlove – 3/23/22 [Youtube / Apple]
  • Wake Up Podcast with Aleks Svetksi – 2/4/22 [Apple / Youtube]
  • Bitcoin Audible podcast with Guy Swann – 2/4/22 [Apple]
  • Dennis Porter Show: Bitcoin is a Pioneer Species  – 2/1/22 [Apple / Youtube]
  • Adam Meisters This Week in Bitcoin – 1/7/22 [Youtube]
  • Charlie Shrem’s Untold Stories – 1/4/22  [Apple]
  • Kare 11 Interview on Bitcoin – 11/2/21 [link]
  • Bitrefill’s Podcast “Bitcoin is like the Apache Native Americans” – 8/23/21 [Apple]
  • Josh Terry Podcast “Mental models, psychedelics, travel, Bitcoin” – 7/23/21 [Apple]
  • Why are we Bullish Livestream w/ BTC Sessions, Steve Barbor, Shinobi, and Timothy Kim – 7/9/21 [Youtube]
  • Swan Lounge w/ Gigi, Tomer Strolight, Brady, Brekkie, Camila – 7/9/21 [Youtube]
  • Dumbest Guy in the Room podcast – bitcoin, biology, fungi, psychedelics – 6/11/21 [link]
  • Evolve with Pete Evan Podcast  “Bitcoin, fungi, and psychedelics” – 4/28/21 [Apple]
  • Bitcoin is the Mycelium of Money Part 1 (mini-documentary) – 4/22/21 [Youtube]
  • Bitcoin is the Mycelium of Money Part 2 (mini-documentary) [Youtube]
  • Bitcoin is the Mycelium of Money Part 3 (mini-documentary) [Youtube]
  • Bitcoin is the Mycelium of Money Part 4 (mini-documentary) [Youtube]
  • CBS News about “PayPal offering Bitcoin payments”  – 3/20/21 [link]
  • Simply Bitcoin – 3/24/20 [Youtube]
  • Primal Movers Podcast #19 – 3/22/21 [Apple]
  • My Bitcoin Story Podcast – 3/8/21 [link]
  • BTC Sessions: Why are we bullish? – 3/5/21 [youtube / Apple]
  • Brad Mills Interview – 2/4/21 [link]
  • POV Crypto “Fourth Turning” – 11/2/20 [Apple]
  • Bitcoin Rapid Fire “Why Bitcoin Matters” w/ Dan Held – 11/9/20 [Youtube / Apple]
  • Wake up Podcast “Bitcoin and Biology” w/ Gigi and Aleks Svetski – 12/13/20  [link / Apple]
  • Rabbit Hole Finance – 12/13/20 [Apple]
  • Once BITten Podcast w/ Daniel Prince – 6/24/20 [Apple]
  • POV Crypto Podcast “Bitcoin is Nature” – 7/23/20 [Apple / link]
  • Adam Meister “This Week in Bitcoin” – 10/8/20 [Youtube]
  • Stock Talking Podcast – 10/6/20 [Apple]
  • Citizen Bitcoin #111 “It’s a Strange Time to be Human” – 11/20/20 [Apple / link]
  • Citizen Bitcoin: Brady, Brekkie, and Brandon – 10/15/20 [Apple]
  • Bitcoin Rapid Fire w/ John Vallis – 9/24/2019 [Apple]
  • Bitcoin Matrix – 11/18/20 [Apple / Link]
  • Vivek Podcast – 8/16/20 [Apple / link]
  • Bitcoin Rapid Fire w/ John Vallis “Bitcoin and Psychedelics” – 6/17/20 [Anchor]
  • A Boy Named Pseu #151 w/ Phil Gibson – 7/27/20 [Apple]
  • Swan Signal Podcast w/ Cory Klippsten and Stephen Cole – 12/11/19 [youtube]
  • Keyvan Devani Show w/ Hass McCook – 11/2/19 [Apple]
  • Protocol Podcast w/ Eric Savics  – 9/9/2019 [link / Apple]
  • Citizen Bitcoin w/ Brady Swenson and John Vallis “cosmic chat” PART 1 – 5/1/20 [Apple]
  • Bitcoin Rapid Fire w/ John Vallis and Brady Swenson “cosmic chat” PART 2 – 5/1/20 [Anchor]
  • Cryptoconomy w/ Guy Swann and Dergigi – 8/21/19 [Spotify / Anchor / Apple]
  • Konsensus Show with Niko + Max Hillebrand –  7/31/19 [youtube]
  • Not Another Crypto Show – 5/18/19 [youtube]
  • Citizen Bitcoin with Brady Swenson – 4/12/2019 [link / Apple]
  • Contrarian Island – 3/25/2019 [Apple / Spotify]
  • POV Crypto “Biology of Bitcoin” –  3/7/2019 [link]
  • Fun with Crypto w/ Coinicarus – 2/18/19 [Libsyn]
  • The Sovereign Bitcoin Podcast w/ Juan Galt – 1/18/19 [Youtube]
  • Radiant Creators Podcast – 12/20/18 [link]


Popular Twitter Threads 

  • Bitcoin and the Rhythms of History [link]
  • Bitcoin is a Decentralized Super-Organism [link]
  • 12 Reasons to buy Bitcoin in 2020 [link]
  • Thread on Bitcoin’s Survivability [link]
  • Fungi Facts from reading Entangled Life by Merlin Sheldrake [link]
  • Exploring Bitcoin’s Decentralized Governance / Culture Wars [link]
  • Exploring Bitcoin as a Social Creature (mushroom), Hype cycles, Ethnomycology, and the Cult of Satoshi. [link]
  • Buy Bitcoin Because… [link]
  • Take a deep breath… bitcoins success in 10 years [link]
  • Interesting Cross-Sections to Examine Bitcoin [link]
  • If Bitcoin was a Mushroom [link]
  • Summary of The Internet of Money Vol 2 by Andreas Antonopoulos [link]
  • Summary of Shelling Out: Origins of Money by Nick Szabo [link]


Praise for Brandon

  • Michael Saylor when discussing my article The Mycelium of Money, “He’s brilliant, I’ve read it, and I agree with it” (link)
  • Lyn Alden when discussing my article Bitcoin and the Rhythms of History,”awesome essay about the Fourth Turning and Bitcoin” (link)
  • Anthony Pompliano featured me in his newsletter on 6/11/19. On the topic of Bitcoin’s survivability… “In a relatively small number of sentences, Brandon is able to articulate incredibly powerful ideas.” (link)
  • Anthony Pompliano featured me in his newsletter on 8/23/21. On the topic of Monetary Maximalism vs Tech Maximalism… “Brandon explained my view of the industry better than I could.” (link)
  • Nathaniel Whittemore: “Brandon is an emerging bitcoin content star” (link
  • Nic Carter: “You are rapidly becoming a Bitcoin content MVP” (link
  • Jimmy Song included my Bitcoin and the Rhythms of History article in his newsletter  (link)
  • Published the popular article: Bitcoin is a Decentralized Organism (Fungi) – tweetstorm seen by 500k people, over 500+ retweets, 30,00+ page views. 
  • Featured in Marty’s Bent Newsletter three times (#379 + #397 + #857)
  • Featured in Nathaniel Whittemore’s Long Reads Sunday” x3 (#25 + #29 + #51)
  • Michael Krieger ( posted my article and said “one of the most enjoyable and informative articles I’ve read all year” (link)
  • Cited my work defending Bitcoin’s energy use.


Presentations at Conferences, etc

  • “Bitcoin is Freedom Money: Pitching Bitcoin as a Startup” @ Twin Cities Startup Week 2020 [youtube recording]
  • “Bitcoin is Alive” @ Bitcoin Magazine’s 2020 Bitcoin Halving party [youtube recording]
  • “Bitcoin is a decentralized super organism 2020 @ Remote Crypto Con [link]
  • “Bitcoin is a Decentralized Organism” @ Bitcoin 2019 Conference [recording]
  • “Bitcoin is the Mycelium of Money” @ FungiFest 2019 conference in the UK
  • “Biology is Technology: Exploring Bitcoin through the lens of Biology @ Burning Man (Camp Decentral) — August 2019
  • “Lightning Network 101: Past, Present, and Future of Bitcoin’s Layer 2 Network” — Bitcoins in Bali meetup, May 2018
  • “Become your own bank: Risk Management for the Sovereign Individual” — Bitcoins in Bali meetup, June 2018


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