Bitcoin and the Rhythms of History

Bitcoin and the Fourth Turning

You’re living through a particularly potent period in history.  But you already knew that.  Since the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, we’ve been in what Neil Howe and William Strauss describe as a “Fourth Turning.” The final act in a drama that began on the heels of WWII.   Fourth Turnings are defined by the collective realization that “things are bad enough that we’re willing to actually do...

Brandon’s Favorite Podcast Episodes of All Time


“You are what you listen to” Background: This started as an email thread in 2015 exchanging podcasts episodes with friends.  Then it became a google doc read by thousands of people. Finally decided to publish it on my site. My goal is to update this regularity. Also, here’s a list of podcasts I’ve appeared on. About these episodes (last update 6/5/20): this is an eclectic...


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