Cliff Notes

I’m an entrepreneur, writer, speaker, and passionate Bitcoiner. I’m currently building SwanBitcoin.com which is the best place to buy Bitcoin in the US. 

My articles have been read by more than 2 million people online. Most well known for exploring the parallels between Bitcoin and mycelium.

My superpower is taking complex information and turning it into simple, actionable, intelligence.

When I’m not helping bitcoin companies, I spend most of my “work time” reading, writing, and speaking.

Founder: BitcoinersAnonymous.com, GetDecrypted.com, TheYogaNomads.com (sold), CreateBeautifulYogaWebsites.com (sold), CryptoKastle.com, ShiftSpaces.com (sold)

Advisor: Swan Bitcoin

About this site

As a reader, you can expect a wide range of topics explored. You’ll notice most essays live at the intersection between two separate industries (ie: Bitcoin and Mycology). These intersections are home to an abundance of novelty. My duty is to prevent these multi-dimensional insights from falling between the cracks.

I’ve been writing online in various forms since 2013. However, I’ve never had a place to collect my personal insights.’

Some of my most popular articles include The Mycelium of Money, Bitcoin and the Rhythms of History, and My Top 5o Podcast Episodes (of all time).

This site will serve as

  1. Motivation to turn my loosely formed ideas into concrete thoughts
  2. My attempt to contribute to the conversation(s) I find worthwhile

The long(er) version

I grew up in a suburb near Minneapolis, MN. My first business was selling soda pop to construction workers.

Learned to love the outdoors from a young age thanks to my parents taking my sister and I camping. Started competing in Bass Fishing Tournaments at age 16 all around the midwest. High school was boring but I love learning. Video games stimulated my mind more than 90% of my teachers. All-conference athlete in Basketball, Football, and Tennis.

Graduated with a business degree from the University of Minnesota after changing my major away from Mechanical Engineering. As a student, I sold Cutco knives, was the Vice President of my fraternity, and ran the largest school newspaper in the country.

Brandon started his professional career in Enterprise Software for Oracle. Won the awards, made the monies, got the promotions (yay). My whole life was leading up to this moment. On the outside, it looked like everything was going great, yet on the inside, I was not happy.  Is this the rest of my life? 

I started seeking. There had to be something else out there… I began reading for pleasure, discovered the Four Hour Work Week, started experimenting with psychedelics, and went through yoga teacher training. I emerged out of this discovery period with clarity: it was time to abandon my constructed identity and pursue the life I wanted.

Soon after, I left my job at Oracle. My girlfriend at the time (now wife) sold everything and spent 4 years traveling the world while building “passive income” businesses. We scoured the earth seeking novelty, strange food, personal development opportunities, clean surf, and cultural experiences.

After 4 years of digital nomad life… we were ready to plant some roots. We moved back to Minneapolis and soon after fell down the Bitcoin rabbit hole. Bitcoin feeds my interests as it’s a never-ending pursuit of knowledge and stokes the revolutionary fire deep inside me.

While I rebel against labels, here are some things I currently identify with…

Obsessive learning machine, bitcoiner, traveler, psychonaut, mycophile, amateur chef, rock climber, surfer, wilderness backpacker, yogi, health-conscious, burner, gardener, forager, futurist, technologist, and audiophile.

Today I spend my time building bitcoin companies and trying to publish my best thinking. This site will serve as my nucleus. Thanks for being here.

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