Bitcoin is a Pioneer Species


How does life colonize a desolate environment for the first time? Let’s say a volcano erupts and wipes out all life on an island. Is this island destined for desolation? Fortunately not, thanks to “pioneer species” who colonize bare earth after a disturbance, or when the environment is too harsh to allow for colonization by other species. Pioneer species are usually hearty plants and lichens with...

Brandon’s Favorite Podcast Episodes of All Time


“You are what you listen to” Background: This started as an email thread in 2015 exchanging podcasts episodes with friends.  Then it became a google doc read by thousands of people. Finally decided to publish it on my site. My goal is to update this regularity. Also, here’s a list of podcasts I’ve appeared on. About these episodes (last update 6/5/20): this is an eclectic...

Bitcoin is The Mycelium of Money


Foreward This is the entire bitcoin+fungi series combined into a single article. I have more unpublished material, should I turn this into a book? Let me know on twitter, my DMs are open. Also, would you like to be notified when I publish new articles? Signup here. I need to give credit to Dan Held for publishing his 4-part series comparing bitcoin’s origin to planting a tree. While I loved his...


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