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I’m an entrepreneur, writer, speaker, and passionate Bitcoiner. My articles have been read by more than 2 million people online. My super power is distilling complex information and actionable intelligence. The image above is my wife and I on our wedding in 2019. Read more about me here.


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In the meantime, here’s some treats for you…

  1. The article I’m most proud of is The Mycelium of Money. In it, we compare network organisms (fungi) and network technologies (bitcoin). It’s been read by over 50k people so far and been translated into 5+ languages. Might turn this into a book one day 😉
  2. Like bitcoin and getting cosmic? This two part podcast series will give you a feel for how I think. You’ll learn about bitcoin, mycology, evolutionary biology, virtual reality, stoned ape theory, and much more. Part 1 (Citizen Bitcoin) / Part 2 (Bitcoin Rapid Fire)
  3. I help bitcoin companies with email marketing and content marketing. I have the experience and results to back it up and I speak bitcoin fluently. Drop me a line if want to talk shop.
  4. My favorite podcasts episodes of all time. I’m a content junkie surfing the interwebz for novelty. These are wide ranging and I’m quite proud of the list. If you have an amazing podcast episode please send it my way.
  5. Interested in Bitcoin but not sure how to buy some? If you live in the US I recommend setting up an automated bitcoin savings plan with Swan Bitcoin. Example: you buy “$50 worth of bitcoin every week.” Set it and forget it. Another option fine option is Cash App.

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